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Former activities in the business council

Activities, 1 September 2004 – 1 July 2013. Beginning in 2014, the membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.



·        Breakfast meeting arranged by the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swiss, Dutch and Belgian chambers of commerce with guest speaker Mr. José de Gregorio, Economist and former President of Chiles Central Bank on topics such as the world financial crisis and on how Latin America has reacted after the crisis in Europe. October 2012

·        Breakfast information meeting regarding the State Visit in March 2013 and on how to participate actively. November 2012

·        Working Dinner with the Danish Minister for European Affairs, Mr. Nicolai Wammen in the context of the EU-CELAC summit in Santiago. January 2013.

·        Invitation to participate in activities relating to the Royal Visit of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik and the Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary: business seminar, business lunch and official dinner among others. March 2013.

·        Lunch meeting with the North European Chambers of Commerce at Club de la Union, with guest speaker Andrzej Zablocki, Gerente Senior, Business Development, Mining and Rock Excavation, Atlas Copco Chilena S.A.C. on “Chilean Copper Industry with Focus on Underground Mining – General Overview, Challenges and Trends”. April 2013.

·        Meeting and presentation by Pablo Rivera, Vertical, Financial Education Program and the Embassy’s Commercial Department. June 2013





·        Breakfast meeting with guest speaker Ms. Carolina Lucaroni, External Affairs and Communications Manager of BHP Billiton on BHP Billiton and its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The meeting was held at the ambassador’s residence. October 2011.

·        Christmas lunch was held in December 2011 at the ambassador’s residence.

·        Company visit to F.L.Schmidth. Presentation by Mr. Palle Hansen, Customer Service Manager at F.L.Schmidt. March 2012.

·        Breakfast meeting arranged by the Danish, Finish, Norwegian and Swiss chambers of commerce with guest speaker Félix De Vicente, Managing Director of ProChile on topics such as strengthening public-private dialogue to address foreign business opportunities in Chile and extending markets to Asia and other parts of Latin America. April 2012.

·        Cultural event: celebration of “Fastelavn” at the Embassy of Denmark. May 2012.

·        Cultural event: showing of Danish movie “Hævnen” with reception for special guests. May 2012.

·        Dinner at Mestizo in connection with the visit of Danish chef, Mr. Simon Lau Cederholm. Business Networking. May 2012.

·        Breakfast meeting with guest speaker Virginia Zalaquett, Head of the Energy Efficiency Department at the Ministry of Energy, on Chile’s strategy for energy saving and efficiency. July 2012.





·        Company visit to Vestas Chile Turbinas Eólicas Ltda. Presentation by VP South America, VP Government Relations Latin America and former minister of energy, Mr. Marcelo Tokman. December 2010.

·        Breakfast meeting with guest speaker Mr. Raúl Aldunate Lyon, Metropolitan Regional Director of CORFO on Corfo’s role in development, innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile and Corfo’s instruments to attract foreign investment. January 2011.

·        Cultural event: theatre performance Festen: La Celebración (Danish play with renowned Chilean actors) with following reception for special guests and actors. April 2011.

·        Company visit to Danfoss Industrias Ltda. Presentation by and participation of Rogerio Federici, RA Division Director; Claudio Alvarez, General Manger; and Walmir Possanho, Sales and Service Manager. May 2011.

·        Dinner with the Danish Minister for Economic and Business Affairs, Mr. Brian Mikkelsen and his delegation which included a.o. Managing Director of the Danish  Shipowners Association, Mr. Peter Bjerregaard, and Deputy Director-General of the Danish Maritime Administration, Ms. Birgit Sølling Olsen,  during their visit to Chile. June 2011





·        Breakfast meeting with guest speaker Peter Christensen of the Samsø Energy Academy , on the Samsø Project, a project which has received several awards and drawn enormous international attention for its achievements in switching to renewable energy. September 2009.

·        Company visit to IM Trust S.A. December 2009

·        Breakfast meeting with guest speakers Karin Helmlinger Casanova, Executive Director of The Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Center ( CAM Santiago) and Elina Mereminskaya, Special Advisor, CAM Santiago, on the topic of: “Commercial dispute resolution: International commercial arbitration in Chile”. April 2010.

·        Company visit: Intertec SpA. held at the Embassy. August 2010





·        Presentation by guest speaker Mr. Carlos Piña, Coordinator of International Affairs, Comisin Nacional de Energía (CNE), on the energy situation in Chile, plans and projects of the CNE. September 2008

·        Breakfast meeting with guest speaker Special Advisor Anders Hasselager of the Danish Ministry for Climate and Energy on the topic “Danish positions on climate and energy and COP15”. October 2008

·        Meeting arranged for the bi-national European chambers of commerce, EU Commission delegation in Chile and European subsidiaries with guest speaker Karen Poniachik, special envoy of the Chilean government to the OECD. Topic: Implications for Chile of entering the OECD. Casa Piedra. November 2008

·        Company visit to Danica Chile S.A. January 2009

·        Dinner with the Danish Parliament’s Trade and Industry Committee, during their visit to Chile. March 2009

·        Reception Queens Birthday at the Ambassador’s residence. April 2009.

·        Breakfast meeting with guest speaker Marta Lagos, Director of Latinobarómetro, on the upcoming presidential and parliamentarian elections. June 2009.





·        Presentation by guest speaker Mr. Mauricio Bordachar, Head of the European Department, Prochile, on “Chile en el Comercio Internacional”. October 2007

·        Breakfast meeting at Unión del Golf with guest speakers from the law firm “Moraga & Cia.” on the topic “Los Procesos de Fiscalización del Servicio de Impuestos Internos y la Justicia Tributaria en Chile”. All Nordic Chambers of Commerce invited. December 2007

·        Presentation by guest speaker Mr. Marcelo Vásquez Rico, Development Director, Fundación Chile, on Fundación Chile´s projects and activities. April 2008

·        Reception Queens birthday at the Ambassador’s residence. April 2008

·        Company visit to F.L.Smidth Minerals S.A. June 2008





·        Lunch hosted by Ambassador of Denmark to Chile, Mr. Kim Højlund Christensen.

·        Company visit to Danfoss Industrias Chile Ltda.

·        Breakfast meeting arranged by the Norwegian Trade Council. Topic: “Chile – Europe: Encouraging Investments for the Concretion of the Free Trade Agreements”. December 2006

·        Reception on the Galathea 3 expeditions ship “Vaedderen” January 2007

·        Breakfast meeting arranged by the Swedish Trade Council. Guest speaker: Alfredo Ovalle, President of CPC, the Chilean Confederation for Production and Commerce. Topic: The international challenges facing the Chilean economy and its companies

·        Buffet dinner with the members of the Danish Foreign Policy Committee visiting Chile

·        Breakfast meeting hosted  by the Chilean business organisation ICARE with Danish politicians Gitte Lillelund Beck and Mogens Lykketoft as guest speakers

·        Reception Queens birthday at the Ambassador’s residence

·        Presentation by guest speaker Hugo Baierlein, Gerente de Comercio, Sofofa,  Federation of Chilean Industry, on the commercial implications of the Chilean Free Trade Agreements with China and Japan

·        Company visit to Novo Nordisk Chile A/S





·        Presentation by guest speaker, Danish Minister of Education, Mr. Bertel Haarder has made a speech on “The EU-crisis, how deep and how to proceed”.

·        Christmas lunch was held in December 2005.

·        In March 2006 the Council started the year with at trip to Malvilla and San Antonio, an invitation by Maersk Chile S.A., where members had a chance to visit the Maersk logistics facilities and a Maersk container ship.

·        In June the “Cámara Chileno-Sueca de Comercio A.G.” invited the members of the Chilean-Danish Business Council to a breakfast meeting with guest speaker Mr. Enrique Correa Ríos, Social Scientist on the topic “Análisis Politico de Chile”.

·        During the visit of Danish Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, Mr. Bendt Bendtsen to Chile in June, the members were offered the possibility of attending a dinner in the honour of the Danish Minister and the Chilean Minister for Energy and Mining, Ms. Karen Poniachik, and were offered to invite business partners. 126 persons attended the dinner and the guests were mainly from the business world in Chile and Denmark.

·        The Danish Government’s Globalisation Strategy and the Galathea Expedition.





·        Presentation by guest speaker Patricio Palacios from the winery Tres Palacios on his experience on doing business with Denmark and the Danes.

·        Presentation by guest speaker Mr. Ole Philipson on being Chargé d’affaires during the military coup in 1973.

·        Presentation by guest speaker Liselott Kana from Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII) on the Double Taxation Agreement between Denmark and Chile.

·        Presentation by guest speaker Ms. Karen Poniachik, Vice President of the Foreign Investment Committee on foreign investment in Chile and prospects for the year to come.


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